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About Us

Who We Are

Potential Place is an accredited Clubhouse dedicated to maintaining a community for individuals with mental illness through participation, personal development, and individual empowerment. Through our structured work-ordered day we utilize the talents and abilities of members working side-by-side with staff to run the operations of our Clubhouse. Potential Place provides advocacy for employment, housing, education, and member entitlements.

As a Clubhouse International accredited organization, we are proud to provide an environment focused on support, mentorship, and personal growth. It is these areas of focus that have earned successive 3-year unconditional accreditations (the highest available) from Clubhouse International.

We are defined by our values of acceptance, empowerment, and egalitarianism.

Please watch these short videos, which provide an overview of Potential Place:

What We Do

We help our members lead productive and rewarding lives. Through participation, personal development, and individual empowerment, we provide the tools to create a sustainable, fulfilling lifestyle at work and at home.

Potential Place is a non-profit mental health agency dedicated to improving the lives of people with chronic mental illness. 

We work to maintain a vibrant community of individuals seeking to overcome barriers presented by mental illness. 

We find employment opportunities for our members through initiatives like our Employment Program and provide ongoing support, coaching, and mentorship to our members.


Potential Place advocates for affordable housing for our members. In addition we have two small apartment buildings that house 25 members who live independently.


The YAOP (Young Adults of Potential) provides the opportunity for peer to peer engagement between young adults transitioning from youth programs into adult programming. The age range of our young adults are from 18 to 32 years.

How You Can Help

Potential Place offers a variety of ways to make a difference in the community. The best way employers can help is to open your business to one of our members who want to work through our Employer Program. 

We also gratefully appreciate your financial support. We accept cash, credit cards, or cheques. We thank you for your kindness and support. Together, we help Calgarians improve their mental health and achieve their true potential.  You can donate here.

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